Daniel Ochoa

I started acting a bit later in life than most, after a "interesting" career which has included stints as, among other things, an amusement park ride operator, vacuum cleaner salesman, and professional poker player. I'm constantly seeking to learn new things and am currently training in martial arts and teaching myself to juggle. So far, all of my performing arts education has involved training for the theatre, but most of my work has been on-camera. Go figure....

Email: DJR2be( at )gmail.com

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Light Brown
(773) 981-5118

Professional Training

Voice and Speech (Kate Harris)
Contemporary and Classical Monologues (Debra Smith)
Intermediate Scene Workshop (Javier Rivera)
Fundamentals of Acting I, II, III (Grant Stokes)



Angels in America- Act One Studios Showcase- Joe Pitt
White Man Dancing- Act One Studios Showcase- Dell
True West- Act One Studios Showcase- Austin
California Suite- Act One Studios Showcase- Billy
A Course of Murder- Mystery, Ltd.- Detective


Gangland: Texas Terror- Towers Productions- Prisoner
Danny- Northwestern University- Bank Customer
Remy’s Got Wheels- Columbia College- Killer
Friday Nite- Columbia College- Detective Friday Nite
The Apology- Thomas Productions- Churchgoer
The Dark Knight- Warner Brothers Picutres- Maintenance

Cognition Study: Emotions- University of Chicago


Play Reading and Script Analysis- Act One Studios
Abe on Jupiter- Jupiter Cafe, Chicago.

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