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What on earth is Chicago Theatre People?

CTP (for short) is a couple of things. For the foreseeable future, it is a directory where actors, writers, directors, crewmembers, and theatre companies can list their information, website links, and pictures so that everybody in the Chicago theatre community can take a look. These pages are free and will only be taken down upon request.

To start things off, these pages will act as an audition (more of an application, I suppose) to be a part of:

The 24 Hour Plays: Chicago

Produced by Just Say Yes Entertainment
Performed at the Gorilla Tango Theater
Mondays in June (the 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd)

This four-week run of the famous New York concept will require 80 actors, 20 writers, 20 directors, 20 crew people and a whole lot of fun of course. We are splitting up the traditional work into a Saturday afternoon and night, a Sunday afternoon and night, and a Monday night to accommodate the many 9-5 employed theatre people in this town.

By submitting a page you enter yourself into the running for these 140 creative slots for the four week run. We are planning to do an open-ended run in the future. This will lead to 1,820 creative slots over the course of a year. Can we pull it off? We’re sure as hell gonna try.

But it all starts with you. Go to your designated area. Make a page using the easy to handle forms. Take a look at everybody else. And most importantly, spread the word using Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or whatever else you have in your social network tool belt.

Lastly, welcome to the Chicago Theatre People page. We hope to see you again soon.

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