Alison Logan

Hire me !!!  ;)

Hire me !!! ;)

Alison Logan
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’0’’
Weight: 112 lbs.
E-mail: alisonlogan333( at )


Laika’s Coffin- Chorus- Building Stage Theatre
24 Hour Project- Mrs. Perry- Dramatis Personae
Quitters- Katharine- Point of Contention, Chaos 2008
The C.B.C.- Various Characters- Second City, Chicago
Bare Naked Lads- Self- Bailiwick Repertory Theatre
Radio TBS- Alveeta- Ludicrous Theatre Company
War to Settle the Score- Wife- Wheaton Grand Theatre
Where Our Imagination- Neandarin- Moving Dock Theatre
Tales Through the Night- Nanna- Moving Dock Theatre
Beauty & the Beast- Serafina- Prairie Fire Theatre
Two By Two- Goldie- Starlight Dinner Theatre
Hello Muddah...-(9 characters- Starlight Dinner Theatre
You’re a Good Man...- Lucy- Starlight Dinner Theatre
Play it Again.. (9 characters) Starlight Dinner Theatre
Once Upon a Mattress- Winnifred- Main Street Theatre

Television/Print Spokesperson- PMT Advertising
Discovering...- H. Beecher Stowe- Tokyo Broadcasting
NAAAV- Business Woman- NAAAV
Access Hollywood- Myself- So You Wanna Be a Soap...
National Restaurant Association- Chef- ServSafe


Jon- Fake Mom- Collaboraction Theatre Company
The Promotion- Stand-In, Lili Taylor- Dimension Films
Chicago Overcoat- Reporter #2- Beverly Ridge Pictures
Pretty Maid Imbronka- Ursula- Verano Productions
The HO-lympics- Prostitute- Phamily Business
Cold Story- Rhonda- Blue-Bassoon Productions

Voice Overs/Cabarets

The Scott Allen Comedy Show- Co-Host- WJJG (Chicago)
Mancow- Panel Member- Nationally Syndicated Radio Show
“Broadway for Bowser”- Singer- WEJT (Decatur)
“Decatur- We Like it!"- Spokesperson- WEJT (Decatur)
Montessori Academy- Spokesperson- Moxie Post
The Pin-Ups- Alice Logan- Various Venues (add. resume)
Song of the Day- Lead Vocals- Beatnik Turtle


B.F.A Acting- Millikin University- Decatur, IL
Second City Conservatory- Chicago, IL
* Yale University- International Cabaret Conference

Special Skills

Dialects (RP, Cockney, Irish, Southern, Brooklynese, French, Valley Girl, Mafia Man Voice, Funny Lisp), Basic ballet, tap, and swing dancing, Choral singing, Swimming, First Aid and CPR, Can burp on command, Stage makeup, Specializes in death scenes, Great with children (Para-professional Montessori teacher’s license), Pie Enthusiast, Can recite Greek aplhabet, Great kisser, Great attitude, Functions fully without a thymus! :)

* denotes upcoming projects

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