Allyson Brown

Allyson Brown

Allyson Brown

Allyson Brown

Theatrical Experience
Coastal Disturbances - Lincoln, IL, "Holly" (Lead), d/Jerry Dellinger
Book of Days - Lincoln, IL, "Martha", d/Jerry Dellinger
The Wiz - Lincoln, IL, Swing, d/Dan MacLaughlin
Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - Glenview, IL, Swing, d/Marty Sivatka
I'll Be Home for Christmas: A Musical - Northfield, IL, Radio Broadcaster & Soloist, d/Marty Sivatka & Brian Moulder

Improvisation & Sketch Comedy, Chicago, IL
iO (formerly ImprovOlympic)
Hunter Family Crest** - Improv, Harold Team, d/ Danny Mora
Name Drop Soup*** - Improv, Graduation Team, d/ Noah Gregoropoulos
Big News Chicago - Sketch Comedy, Guest Star, d/Ed Flynn
Pinwheel aka Archimedes - Improv, Harold Team, d/Tara DeFrancisco

Second City
The Backwards Police - Conservatory Sketch Comedy Ensemble, d/Tim O'Malley
Natural Gas - Directing Program Improv Team, d/Michael Patrick Thornton
Recession Proof - Sketch Comedy Ensemble, d/Jim Kozyra

The Gift Theatre
Natural Gas - Improv House Team d/Michael Patrick Thornton
Santa's Great American Depression Holiday Show America! - Sketch Comedy Ensemble, d/Michael Patrick Thornton

The Theatre Building
Okibono**** - Sketch Comedy Ensemble, d/Brian Posen
Gorilla Tango Theatre
A Private Tea Party - Improv Team, d/David Montgomery
Playground Theatre
Hamburger Fries Coke - Improv Team, d/ Danny Mora

Film Experience
SpasticAV Prod Chewy (in post production) – Film short, "Chewy" (Lead), d/ Terry Miller
Breadbasket Prod, No Time For Love -- Film short, "Leslie" (Principal), d/ Chris Bragg

Training/Education Courses
Wittenberg University: Improvisation; Theatre Lit; Musical Theatre; Voice I-II; Acting I-II; Playwriting

Lincoln College: Acting I-III; Oral Interpretation; The Art of the Theatre; Speech I-II; Directing; Stagecraft
Workshops: Mask, Environment Work, Scene Study

iO Training Center (Alum): Level 1 w/ Jason Shotts; 2 Susan Messing; 3 Shad Kunkle; 4 Bill Arnett & Holly Laurent; 5: Pat O'Brien; 5b Noah Gregoropoulos Workshops: Harold Group Game w/ Nancy Friedrich; Musical Improv w/ Dave Asher; Harold Opening w/ Alex Fendrich; Scene Study w/ Bill Arnette; Individual Focus w/ Linda Orr & Danny Mora

Second City Training Center Conservatory (Alum): Level 1a Michael Gellman; 1 Michael Gellman; 2 Tim O'Malley; 3 Bina Martin; 4 Michael Gellman; 5 Tim O'Malley Workshops: Dramatic Improv Intensive w/ Tim O'Malley, Musical Improv w/ Stephanie McCullough, Musical Improv w/ Mike Descoteaux; Monologue Intensive w/ Brian Posen

The Audition Studio: Monologues – Kurt Naebig

Special Skills: Dance (Ballet, Modern, Contact Improv); Strong vocal background (Showchoir, Madrigal, Women’s A-Capella); Piano & Guitar by ear; Writing (sketch & play); Modeling experience; Marathon runner; Lacrosse & Rugby player; Great with kids (Youth instructor & private coach for Lacrosse America); Painter; strong Art History background; Guinea piggie enthusiast.

*Best Actress 2003-2004
**Del Award Nominee: Best New Harold team, NYC Del Close Marathon Participant, Improv Rebellion guest team
***Del Award Nominee: Best 5b Form "Punchline" ****Chicago Sketchfest Participant

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