Angela LaRocca

by Angela LaRocca

Graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Television Production. Extensive comedic background both in front of and behind the cameras and stage. Trained with Second City, Improv Olympic, Groundlings, etc. Directed a two-person show at Improv Olympic in LA, and recently wrapped a Chicago-based sitcom pilot, which I wrote and played one of the leads. First dipped into directing at age 11, on the unbelievably high-budget production directing my brother in a music video, where he lip-synced along to Will Smith's songs in front of our Christmas tree. I decided to leave that one off my resume, but a few highlights include:

*Medium Rare (pilot) writer/exec. producer, actor
*Gamers (pilot) producer, actor
*The Swing (Comicon short film) producer
*Irregular Fruit (short film) actor **Festival winner
*Golden Boy (pilot) script supervisor
*Casual Friday (feature film) writer/actor
*Holy Chicks! (sketch show) director/writer/performer
*T.L.C. with A.D.D. (sketch show) director/writer/performer

*Interned at Comedy Central and The Donners Company

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