Brad Carmody- Chicago’s dirty diamond

by Brad Carnody
(Chicago, Illinois)

Brads Headshot will be up soon

Brads Headshot will be up soon

ACTOR- Brad Carmody’s résumé
Chicago Motion Picture Studios: 808 W. Randolph Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60607 United States
708-548-9920 :: 312-850-2888 Website:
Authenticity guaranteed.
Eyes: Vibrant Green Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5' 11" Weight: 205; Body Fat 8% Body Type: Bodybuilder/ Athletic

FILM: as of 1/09/09  Role  Director/Actors in the production.
Voices From The Graves Italian Mobster Tony DeGuide- Ron Dean, Mickey Rooney, William Smith, Frank Pietrangolare
La Femme Vampir
(In Theatres) Vampire Hunter Alexander Alcarese- On set with Joe Estevez, Robert Z’dar
Business Of Death Mobster Alexander Alcarese- On set with Ron Dean, Clem Caserta, Dominic Capone


Acting- (Tony DeGuide(SAG actor) and Nick Kanari (Chicago Motion Picture Studios)
Chicago Motion Picture Studios, Chicago, IL, Method Acting, Tony Deguide
Chicago Motion Picture Studios, Chicago, IL, Acting Meisner Style, Tony Deguide
Chicago Motion Picture Studios, Chicago, IL, Improvization/Film, Tony Deguide
Chicago Motion Picture Studios, Chicago, IL, Acting Is Your Business, Nick Kanari
Film Study-Film as an Art- Lawrence W. Price and Alexander Alcarese.
Scene Study- Tony DeGuide.
Theatre-Theatre Of Arts-Kevin Long (Theatre director) Graduated (MA, Northeastern Illinois University)
Voice-Art of Speaking- Stephen Lucas.
Sociology- Bruce Janu (Filmmaker- Facing Sudan) and Candace Diane McCreary.
Psychology- Barbara Ellen Barzilai and Jennifer Khonke.

CURRENT TRAINING: Brad is currently in a variety of film productions and classes at Chicago Motion Picture Studios where he is trained in a selected group with SAG credited actors and directors for 32 weeks and counting. He is also currently in 96 hours of theatre and film classes as of 8/01/09 under Kevin Long and Lawrence W. Price.

PREVIOUS TRAINING: He has Committed 228 hours of work in the study of Psychology, Sociology, and Voice to explore and understand the psychological depth in human beings as well as their sociological nature. By excelling out of his classes with a 3.875 GPA out of 4 his new profundity heightened his craft as an actor.

MOVEMENT/COMBAT: Kevin Long-(Stage movement/combat)Lindsey and Dave Durlacher-Both Olympic wrestlers(Grappling, shooting, throwing, submission) Master Kim-(Tae Kwon Do, Sword/Knives, Punching and kicking techniques.)Tony Deguide(SAG)- (Stage movement/combat)

Black Belt 2nd Degree(Taw-Kwon-Do 7yrs), State Ranked Wrestler in Illinois for Club Elite and Varsity 9yrs, Middle Linebacker and Defensive football Captain for Big Ten and Varsity 7yrs, Travel Soccer Team u11,12,13,14 7yrs, Baseball-Varsity Pitcher/Shortstop 9yrs, Hockey 3yrs, Gymnastics 5yrs, Highly respected Club Bowler-Average Game-211 9yrs.
Extreme sports-Wake Boarding, Skim Boarding, Skate Boarding, Snow Boarding, Roller Skating, Skiing.
DIALECTS: English, Italian, Southern, Australian, Brooklyn, Irish, Midwest Accent, American Standard., Spanish.

BACKROUND INFORMATION: Brad became accustomed to guns at a very young age, his dad was a detective and sergeant for the police force for over 27 years and his grandpa was a sergeant for the marines; these two role models psychosocially blessed Brad with an inner truth/expressionism perfect for a role as a Marine or Detective(Police officer). Beyond this Brad received scholarships for wrestling and football which he put a side in pursuit of acting. Brad was brought up under superior athletes like his Grandpa(Tom Carmody) who played three sports in college placing 2nd in state for wrestling while playing semi-pro baseball. Tom is known as a local legend in Jacksonville Illinois where he retired on his 37th year of Coaching wrestling.

OTHER INTERESTS AND USEFUL SKILLS: Bare-Knuckle Brawler, dance; ballroom and hip-hop, played drums 6yrs, Improvising fluently when necessary, able to cry on cue, stunts, high emotional intelligence level, 124 IQ, comedic, extremely artistic, extremely coordinated, loves chess(Ranked in state at age 15), impressionist, fishing, golf, handball, ping pong, licensed driver, softball, Frisbee, pool player, badminton, softball, swimming - freestyle, tennis, track & field, Volleyball,

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