Brittany Townsley

by Brittany Townsley
(Chicago, IL, USA)

Brittany Townsley

Lily’s Talent Agency 5’7”
115 lbs.
Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes
Vocal Range: A3-C6
Phone: 262-993-5922 (Chicago Based)

The Nutcrakcer Sings! (World Premiere) Sugarplum Fairy/Rat Queen Jedlicka Performing Arts Center

Sunday in the Park with George Celeste #1/Photographer Village Players Theater (dr. Kevin Long)

Leaving Iowa
Sis Jedlicka Performing Arts Center

Cupid and Psyche (Chicago Premiere) Psyche Jedlicka Performing Arts Center

Lilies of the Field Sister Agnes Jedlicka Performing Arts Center

Copacabana Copa Girl Jedlicka Performing Arts Center

Pippin Female Courtier/Player 4 Columbia College Chicago

Heart and Soles Andy Columbia College Chicago

Hello Dolly
Irene Molloy The Hanson Theater

FILM – Selected Credits
Polish Bar Bar patron Benzfilm

Student Commercial
Girl CCC-Bryan Dressel

Cutting It
Lead Actress
CCC-Ryan Koppelman

Lead Actress
CCC-Kevin Sparrow

I Can Explain It Lead Actress
CCC-Dominic DeLuca

The Hunter
Lead Actress
CCC-Vince Gatewood

Down in Smoke
Lead Actress
CCC-Vince Gatewood

Lead Actress
CCC-Cameron Ruiz

Call Me Chris Supporting Columbia College Chicago- Cameron Ruiz

I Can Has Cheezburger: The MusicLOL
Olivia/Orly Owl Jonathan Verge: Producer

Valentine’s Day Cabaret Cosette/Kim Columbia College Chicago

Musical Theater Workshop Cabaret
Selected Soloist Columbia College Chicago

2005-2008 Singers Showcase Selected Soloist Columbia College Chicago

TRAINING: BA Musical Theater - Columbia College Chicago
Acting: Kevin Long, Caroline Latta, Barbara Roberson, Paul Amandes, Will Casey, Estelle Spector, Doreen Feitelberg, Tony Sancho, Nana Shineflug, Stephanie Shaw, Susan Padveen, Sheldon Petinkin

Accents and Dialects: Susan Philpot

Voice/Music: Jimmy Morehead, Carol LoVerde, Sharon Carlson, Philip Seward, Jonathan Mastro

Dance: Ballet, some tap, Musical Theater: Christie Kerr, Amy Uhl

Stage Combat/Stage Makeup: David Wolley, Kristen Hill

Assistant Directing (The Who’s Tommy and Night Watch at Jedlicka Performing Arts Center), Golf, Bike riding, Great with kids, Hula-Hooping, Cart wheels, Swimming, Fishing, Jump Rope, Screaming, Accents/Dialects (British, New York, Cockney, Southern, Minnesota, Russian), Researching and writing, costume coordinator, beginning piano, walking on stilts.

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