Chante Rene Linwood

by Chante Rene Linwood
(Chicago, IL)

I have changed a bit but this is my best headshot! =)

I have changed a bit but this is my best headshot! =)

My name is Chanté René Linwood and I, of course like many others, am a struggling human looking work and still wanting to fulfill my need to act. I use a lot of different websites to find breakdowns and/or auditions and so far I feel like I am doing an alright job.

I am starting to take classes at Second City, I currently study at Act One Studios and I used to take classes at Columbia College Chicago for film. I'm looking for some film, television, commercial, and print work.

Currently, I'm working right now to put together a reel and a good resume. If you would like to see it, I also have some footage on youtube that is easily accessible.

I know I do not have a lot of exprience but I will put 200% into the production and always add an extra spark to everyone's day! I am so passionate about acting and I look forward to meeting with you.

Thanks for reading,
Chanté René Linwood

Chanté René Linwood, 309.453.3037
1651 N. Spaulding #2, 312.752.7136
Chicago, IL 60647

Chante.linwood( at )
Height: 5’04”
Weight: 130
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde/Brown
Voice: Alto

Squeaks: The Movie, Jennifer, Popcorn Island, Dir. Ross Gerbassi
Worst Action Movie Ever, Laura, Dir. Gilbert Nickel
Love Reality Pilot, Featured, Dir. Greg Silva
Paranoid Noodles, Featured, Dir. Kiel Soper
Einstein's God Model, Shaun Fox, Induction Productions, Dir. Phil Johnson
Beneath the Horizon, Extra, Dir. Chris Emmons

Milton & Milton’s Hawaiian Hoedown, Weekly Characters, Dir. C.J. Tuor
America’s Next Top Model Confessions, Featured, The CW

Xcel Music Video, Featured Dancer, Dir. Joel Kappity
America’s Beauty Show, Featured Model/Dancer, Goldwell and KMS California
Akira Anniversary Celebration, Platform Dancer, Dir. Chello
Dance Flick Promo, Costume Dancer, Paramount Pictures

Afflictions, Priscilla, Plus Size Productions, Gorilla Tango Theatre
Hurtful & Bizarre Acusations, Cherry, Plus Size Productions, Gorilla Tango Theatre
Babel, Live Scuplture, Rooms Productions, Rooms Gallery

Time Out Chicago, Clothes Encounter, Featured, Marzena Abrahamik
Acting Fundamentals, Act One Studios, Stesha Merle

Einstein's God Model, Key Set PA/Craft Services, Induction
Productions, Dir. Phil Johnson
Lemonade Standoff, PA, Megan McDonough

Special Skills
Break Dancing, House Dancing, Volleyball, Softball, Football,
Cheerleading, Improv, Disc Jokey, Skateboarding, Typing WPM: 65,
Waitress, Bartender, Singer

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