Chicago is fantastic!

by Jason

During all the years I have lived in the United States (from Canada originally), I have had the good fortune of visiting Chicago several times. Usually the trips were business related but, I always managed to sneak in an extra day or two for pleasure. And my pleasure was always the theatre.

I'm passionate about theatre and live performances and Chicago is my all time favorite destination in this regard.

I know the history of all famous theatres in Chicago and have seen many great and unforgettable performances in them. When the Cadillac Theatre was renovated and held its premier performance with Elton John and Tim Rice, I was there to see it and oh what a performance it was!

Another great performance that I witnessed in the same theatre was the ever famous ‘Mamma Mia!’ That musical was simply superb!

While mentioning theatres, I can never forget the memorable performance I saw in the Oriental Theatre. It was an adaptation of’ ‘Wizard of Oz’ and was publicized by the name of ‘Sing along Wizard of Oz’. Even though it’s been many years, I still remember it as if it were yesterday.

Last week, I found out through my secretary that I will be visiting Chicago again in the beginning of September for a business meeting. The first thing I did was to check the available shows in those days and guess what? I already found the show I am going to see; ‘Shrek – the musical’.

It’s a combination of humor, music and fairy tale drama that we have all come to love. The fat, green ogre and his equally obnoxious Fiona are really going to draw large crowds. I have seen all Shrek sequels that have come out so far and fell in love with the Ogre each time! I have gone ahead and booked my ticket through ‘ticket master’ and can hardly wait to see the performance!

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