Christine Navarro

(Chicago, IL)

Well, a virtual "hello", handshake, and smile to you, whoever you are. That's not fair, you get to see photos of us, and us not of you. (Just kidding.) Anyway, I was excited to see this formula planned for execution. If you get to know me, I think I'm a pretty damn awesome person and actor, though I may be a little partial to this opinion. And what's further awesome about me is that I'm modest and humble about it--but I guess I didn't do a very good job at selling that point there. I have a deep passion for performing roles and taking part in productions with great substance, depth, and intensity though have a wide spectrum of lightness and seriousness to them that show characters' various facets and layers of their personas. I have an awesome sense of humor (again a little biased in opinion, maybe). I'm not very much into quickly-sold/ immediate gratification laughs and entertainment, and prefer the slightly oblique as opposed to the painfully obvious. I have a great instinct for character, and am highly interpretive of what a character is and feels, mostly if I'm keenly interested in getting to know him/her. For me, I like it when acting is cathartic and spiritual. I love to use it as a tool for empathizing and learning and analyzing human thought, behavior, and interaction...and of course exploring what it is to become someone else and to stand in their shoes. Kind of like applied psychology, eh? My goal is to promote and create things that make people think a little and to make them feel a lot.

I also have a versatile ethnic look, as people of various ethnicities (and for each of the following, their own respective ethnicities) have thought me to be half white/ half asian, half black/ half asian, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese mix, white, Brazilian, Mexican or other Spanish-speaking, and even Middle Eastern/ Indian. I guess I've covered all the continents. I'm not sure what else I can pass for, but I'll give it a try. ;)

In addition to acting and learning about people, I love music (mostly various genres of experimental and old school electronic music, disco, afrobeat, samba, independent rock, jazz, classical, and the list goes on). I also have produced electronic music as a hobbyist. Samples: I love dancing, depending on music and crowd. I love singing. I'm always intrigued by different cultures and their artforms and traditions, including modern cultures and subcultures. In summation, I love to explore, and I tend to love experimental, alternative, and non-alternative media and art that aren't usually plastered all over the place through commercial means. Oversaturation tends to makes me want to hurl. I guess I'm slightly opinionated, too. I eventually want to write, produce and direct my own productions as well, since I know I have a lot to say.

I'm located in the city at the cultural intersection of the Pilsen and Chinatown neighborhoods. Hopefully the above was enough, and not too much. :) You can visit my Facebook and MySpace pages to possibly get a better virutal feel for me. In addition to the below listed in my resume, I'm involved in and in discussions with others for a couple other projects. (music page)

Take care,



Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'7"
Dress: 10
Voice: Mezzo Soprano


The Valentine Fairy // Ingrid // New World Repertory Theatre

The Loitering Hole // Mindy // Gorilla Tango Theatre

Our Town // Mrs. Webb // College of DuPage Stageworks

A Christmas Carol // Caroline // College of DuPage Stageworks

Taming of the Shrew // Townswoman // College of DuPage Actors' Theatre in the Studio


State of Romance // Featured Extra // N B C/ Universal

Urban Ground Squirrels // Pee Girl // Mark Krieglstein

Staged Readings

Ghost Stories in the Park in the Dark // Reader // Summer Place Theatre


Level 2 - Shurtleff to Scene // Kurt Naebig // Acting Studio Chicago

Level 1 - Intro to Shurtleff // Linda Gillum // Acting Studio Chicago

Voice & Diction // Amelia Barrett // College of DuPage

Acting 2 // Connie Canaday Howard // College of DuPage

Acting 1 // Donna Freeburn // College of DuPage

Skills & Interests

dental assistant, nightclub promoter, visual artists (life drawing), electronic music production, singing, dancing, piano, volleyball, cycling, yoga, licensed driver

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Apr 21, 2009
True talent......and beauty!!!
by: Ken Brown

Brains,beauty and talent!
I'm overly impressed with just about everything
about you.
It's hard to come accross people like that have
have such depth and range of thought,knowledge and
wisdom which also bring about the touch in emotional dynamics that can only be portrayed
through such the experiences you have.
And beautiful!
I truely feel you will succeed.
I really appreciate your comments as well.
Maybe our paths will cross some day,till then,
take care and good luck!

Ken Brown

Apr 19, 2009
by: Tia

Christine is very passionate! A go-getter! :)

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