Dusty Wilson

(Chicago, IL)

Dusty Wilson is a current resident of Chicago, Illinois (originally from Columbus, Ohio), and a recent graduate of Ohio University (BFA '06). While attending Ohio University, Dusty completed his bachelor's in the fine arts with a degree in playwriting, and a minor in history. His education involved tutelage from such playwrights as Julie McKee, Erik Ramsey, Onassis Silver Award winner Deborah Brevoort, and regional Tony Award winner Charles Smith. He is currently the moderator of The Official Playwrights of Facebook, a script reader for Victory Gardens Theater, and a member of the Dramatists Guild of America and the Playwrights' Center.

Drink the Kool-Aid (2009)
Ten minute comedy. Grant loves Penny. And what better time to let her know than ten minutes before the Great Ascension to the Bogosian-Smith Comet? Produced in Dramatis Personae's 2nd Annual St. Valentine's Day Massacre (Chicago, IL, 2009) and has scheduled productions inthe Northfield Arts Guild's Very Short Play Festival IV (Northfield, MN) and the Sterling Playmakers' 2009 10-Minute One-Acte Festival (Sterling, VA, 2009).

Generation Z (2008)
Full length drama. A group of twnetysomethings fight to save their last bastion of safety from the raging zombie apocalypse. Featured in the Around the Coyote Reading Series (Chicago, IL, 2008).

Donovanosis (And Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases) (2008)
Ten minute comedy. Jeff and his girlfriend, Maggie, await the results of his STD test while the voice of their abstinence only, sex-ed past haunts them. Produced in Dramatis Personae's 24 Hour Play Project (Chicago, IL, 2008)

Fortnight of the Living Dead (2008)
Ten minute comedy. With the zombie apocalypse upon them, three University of Northern Kentucky students take up arms to defend their campus. When the first zombie arrives, two weeks later, the battle begins...for her heart. Produced in Dramatis Personae's 1st Annual Monster Mash (Chicago, IL, 2008)

Beige Tea (2006)
Eighteen year old April Lau returns home after serving three years in a mental institution for the brutal murder of her mother. Produced in the 3rd Annual Undergraduate Playwrights' Festival (Athens, OH, 2006), the 13th Street Repertory Company's Lucky 13 Short Play Festival (New York City, NY, 2006), White Room Theatre's Bite-Size Lunch Hour at the Brighton Festival Fringe (Hove, United Kingdom, 2008), Nantucket Theatrical Production's Imaginations Run Wild (Nantucket, MA, 2008), and Longwood University's 0-60: 2nd Annual Ten Minute Play Festival (Farmville, VA, 2009). Awarded 2nd in the 16th Annual Nantucket Short Play Festival, the Actors' Choice Award in the Bite-Size International Playwriting Competition, and was a finalist in the 2nd Annual Longwood University Ten Minute Play Festival. To be published by One Act Play Depot (Spiritwood, Saskatchewan, Canada, 2009).

Sleeping with the Fishes (2006)
Full length dark comedy. A college dropout is enlisted to build koi ponds in the backyard of Los Angeles' most powerful mob boss. The mob boss's wife then enlists said 'koi boy' to kill her husband. Produced by the Lost Flamingo Company (Athens, OH, 2006).

Deux Ex Machina (2004)
One act comedy. After God and Jesus accidentally run over a puppy, they set forth a chain of events that will cause the end of the world. . .in about seventy years. By the end of the day (without the use of miracles or illegal means) they must replace the puppy to ensure the safety of the Earth. Produced by the Lost Flamingo Company (Athens, OH, 2004) and by the Ohio University School of Theatre Lab Series (Athens, OH, 2004). Honored as a semifinalist in the 2007 Reverie Productions' Next Generation Playwriting Competition (New York City, NY, 2007).

The Amazing Webb (2004)
Ten minute comedy. The Amazing Webb, a knife thrower forced into early retirement, contemplates killing his assistant, The Lovely Cilantro, who has a sizable insurance policy to be paid to Webb if she were to die in a circus related accident. Produced in the 1st Annual Undergraduate Playwrights' Festival (Athens, OH, 2004).

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