Ellen Fliesler

Ellen Fliesler is an actress, dancer, and singer in the Chicago area. Since graduating college and bouncing around different jobs, she has realized that her true passion lies in the world of acting. She is so excited to be performing and pursuing other professional opportunities in such a vibrant city.

Although she comes from a theater background, she is rapidly building her experience in other forms of media. She recently performed in Idle Muse Theatre Company's production of St. Scarlet and Chicago Academy for the Arts' film production For The Record. Ellen also loves doing extra work on the big films that come to town, and was recently seen on the set of the new TV series "The Beast" starring Patrick Swayze! The first Hollywood film that she was featured in, The Promotion, is now out on DVD.

Ellen received her Bachelor's Degree from Loyola University in International Studies and Spanish. She is fluent in Spanish, and she does daytime work at a non-profit Spanish cultural center called the Instituto Cervantes. This multi-cultural environment has helped her a lot with her Hispanic roles, which are occurring more and more.

Film / TV
For the Record, Cecily (Principal), Chicago Academy for the Arts
Barley Fields of Seduction, Wren (Principal), College of DuPage
South Loop, Cynthia (Principal), Parkside Films, Inc.
Extra, Emily (Principal), Columbia College
The Apology, Evelyn (Principal), Grey Area Pictures
Candles and A Keytar, Dr. Montgomery (Supporting), Windy Shore Films
Hermano, Eva (Principal), Columbia College
The Watch, Guardian, (Supporting), Depaul University
Cargo, Dana (Supporting), Columbia College
Many Janes, Jane #1 (Supporting), School of the Art Institute
The Blind and the Dead, Ilona (Supporting), Isabelle Films
The Promotion, Cashier (Featured), Dimension Films
Serengeti (Music Video), Girlfriend (Supporting), Melt Pictures
Jane and The Corp. (Music Video), Dancer (Principal), DuncoFunk

Commercial / Print
Available upon request

St. Scarlet, Rose, Idle Muse Theatre
Visons of Sugar Plums, Demon, N.U.F.A.N. Ensemble
And Then There Were None, Vera Claythorne, Northminster Players
Jack and The Beanstalk, Carmelita/Ogra, Chgo Kids Company
Sleeping Beauty, Queen Harriet, AlphaBet Soup
Radio T.B.S., Pauline, Ludicrous Theatre
Butterfly, Emily/David, NightBlue Theatre
The Road to Ultra-Light, Billie Miracle, Paul Barile Production
With These Hands, Stella, N.U.F.A.N. Ensemble
What God Has Joined Together, Mrs. Lewis, Hotspot Studios
The Importance of Being Ernest, Gwendolyn, St. Louis University, Madrid
The Hollow, Henrietta, Parkway Actors' Association
The Brick and the Rose, The Voice, Parkway Actors' Association
Don't Rock the Boat, Arlene Zane, Parkway Actors' Association
Dracula, Dracula's Bride, Parkway Actors' Association

Commercial Workshop David O'Connor TVI Actors Studio
New York Casting Workshop Brad Lawrence TVI Actors Studio
Auditioning for Theatre Adam Belcuore TVI Actors Studio
Acting for TV/Film/Theatre Brad Lawrence TVI Actors Studio
Theatre/Script Writing Various Faculty Loyola University Chicago
The Art of Acting Various Faculty Center of Contemporary Arts
Actor?s Studio Jackie Devino Parkway West

Special Skills
Languages: Spanish (fluent), French (conversational), Italian (basic knowledge)
Dialects: Standard British. Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop. Singing, Piano, Kickboxing

http://imdb.com/name/nm2360626/ (or just go to imdb.com and search under names-Ellen Fliesler)

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