Frequently Asked Questions

With a show and site like this, there are bound to be some frequently asked questions. Here are some answers. This will be updated as more are asked, feel free to contact us using the Contact page on the left navigation bar.

Who runs Chicago Theatre People?

With an iron fist, Just Say Yes Entertainment an Illinois Limited Liability Company runs the website.

Why should I post my information here?

More immediately, you will be considered for the 100+ positions that we need to fill for the upcoming The 24 Hour Plays: Chicago. We will be e-mailing most of the people who post for their availability the weekends of the four performances in June. It's pretty much the easiest audition/interview ever.

In the near future, we will attempt to make The 24 Hour Plays: Chicago a weekly endeavor with a new theatre company taking the reigns for each productions. Since many companies are small, the people posted on this site will have a good chance to fill the gaps if they so desire.

The site will also serve as a place for theatre professionals in Chicago to network. As time goes by, we hope theatre companies will check here when starting new productions. Posting on this site means you want producers to contact you for auditions/interviews.

Are you doing anything shady on here that we should know about?

We will not sell your information or anything evil like that. We may eventually put ads on the site to pay for hosting and to keep The 24 Hour Plays: Chicago going, but they will be tasteful and kept to a minimum.

How does The 24 Hour Plays: Chicago work?

Even though we are affiliated with the original 24 Hour Plays in New York, we will be running things a bit differently. Since we don't own our own theater, we will split the 24 hours over a few days. On each of the four weekends here is the schedule.

On Saturday afternoon we will have a meeting at the theater with everybody involved. After taking Poleroids of all the actors, everyone will leave but the writers. They will choose their cast and use the next 8 hours to write 5 short plays.

On Sunday afternoon, the directors will return to pick their plays shortly followed by the actors. They rehearse till midnight, using the last few hours to block and plan tech with crew members.

Lastly, on Monday around 5:30 PM, the directors, actors, and crew members will return for final dress and the house opens at 7:30 PM for an 8 PM show.

Will pay be involved?

Unfortunately no. Hopefully, we can create a big enough event to offer pay in the future.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

Use the forms on the corresponding pages.

For actors, click here.
For writers, click here.
For crew, click here.
And for directors, click here.

Where and when is this happening?

At the Gorilla Tango Theatre in Bucktown located at 1919 N. Milwaukee Ave. It is easily accessible by the Western Blue Line, or the Western, Armitage, and Milwaukee buses. Performances will be Monday, June 1st, June 8th, June 15th, and June 22nd, 2009.

How do I buy tickets?

Click here to go to Gorilla Tango's website and scroll down for The 24 Hour Plays: Chicago. The price is $10 per ticket.

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