Greg Guiliano

by Greg Guiliano

My name is Greg Guiliano. I've been around the Chicago comedy scene in some way or another since I moved here 3 years ago. I work in Improv, sketch, and fiction writing. I've been involved/performed with sketch group Yeti Crocker, flash fiction magazine The Green Flash, Blewt! (Impress These Apes, Don't Spit the Water, and Talkin' Funny), Collaboraction's Sketchbook, and Theater Momentum.

For training, I've been through the Music Improv program at Second City, currently in level 2 for Annoyance Writing, and went through the Comedy Studies program through Second City and Columbia College.

My writing style is geared towards sketch, but I'm no stranger to experimental projects, collaborating on songs with musicians, or longer pieces of theater.

If you'd like any samples of writing or further details, feel free to contact me at greg.guiliano( at )

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