by Jennifer Kodros
(Chicago, IL. USA)

Jennifer was brought into this world the same day as the Sikorsky S-61 disaster…officials say it is mere coincidence and has nothing to do with why she was bald until she was two years old. Raised alongside three boys until she was seven, she developed an intense fascination with X-Men and the WWF-which she believes contributes to the majority of her flailing childhood. It’s quite possible the only “girly” notion she has is that chivalry does exist…it’s just drunk somewhere with equality, Janis Joplin, and a stack of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ books. Jennifer was put in theater classes when she was four and continued the craft through high school. She then graduated from Indiana University with a BA in theatre. A graduate of the Second City Conservatory program, she has performed and written for several shows around the city. She would like to take this opportunity to thank Tony the Tiger, the color yellow, Enya, TMNTs, Zack Morris, Clark Griswold, all of those who put up with her absolute preposterous presence in this world on a day-to-day basis...and whoever invented string cheese. <3 USMC/JMK

Jennifer M. Kodros
jkodros( at )

Hair: Sandy Blonde Eyes: Blue Weight: 145
Height: 5’6’’ Vocal: Alto


The Miracle Worker/Sara/Alton Little Theater Alton, IL

Once Upon a Mattress/Winnifred/MND Players

Christmas Eve/Oksana/Bloomington Playwrights Project

Henry IV/Lady Percy/Indiana University

Vital Signs/Various Characters (Monologues)/Uni Players

Sensitivity Training/Sketch Comedy/Donny's Skybox Piper's Alley

All Swarm and Fuzzy/Sketch Comedy/City Lit Theater Chicago, IL

Lifebuoy/Vanessa/Donny's Skybox Piper's Alley

Holy S%#$! It’s Christmas/Sketch Comedy/Donny's Skybox Piper's Alley

Cheeseburger Honor Roll/Sketch Comedy/Trap Door Theater Chicago, IL


Fred Claus/Extra/Joan Philo Extras Casting
Lakeshore Drive Episodes 1.1 & 1.2/Jasmine/Cornman Productions


BFA Indiana University, Bloomington IN

Voice (Musical) Charlene Andres, Teodtman School of Music

Dance/Combat George Pinney, Indiana University

Directing Murray McGibbon, Indiana University

Improvisation The Second City, Chicago, IL:
IFA 1, Norm Holly
IFA 2, Bina Martin
Conservatory 1, John Hildreth
Conservatory 1a, Norm Holly
Conservatory 2, Bina Martin
Conservatory 3, John Hildreth
Conservatory 4, Michael Gellman
Conservatory 5, Tim O’Malley

-Dialects: Southern, Irish,
British, Cockney
-Impersonations: Dave Chapelle,
Martha Stewart, Paris Hilton
-swimming, soccer, piano

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