Keith Ecker

by Keith Ecker
(Chicago, IL)

Originally from Texas, Keith Ecker received his Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri in 2004, where he co-wrote the university's original production of the "Queer Monologues." Upon graduation he moved to Chicago to pursue comedy writing and performance. He has taken classes at Second City, iO and The Annoyance. He also performed in the theatrical improv show "Eavesdrop," produced by Theatre Momentum. Keith recently co-wrote, starred in and produced his first sketch show, "Gayrilla Warfare," with his group, The Alliance. Keith also performs stand-up throughout the city and produces, writes, edits and directs video shorts, which you can see on his YouTube channel,


Keith Ecker



Rich Sohn Level 2 The Annoyance 2009
Dan Jessup Level 1 The Annoyance 2009
Bill Arnett Level 4B iO 2008
Mike Enriquez Level 4 iO 2008
Craig Uhlier Level 3 iO 2008
Susan Messing Level 2 iO 2008
Greg Hess Level 1 iO 2008
Bill Bungeroth Level E Second City 2007
F. Tyler Burnett Level D Second City 2007
Stacy Hallal Level C Second City 2007
Matt Elwell Level B Second City 2007
Jennifer Liu Level A Second City 2006


Sommer Austin Meisner Workshop The Playground 2009
Michael Pieper Acting 1 Second City 2007

Michael McCarthy Writing 3 iO 2008
Michael McCarthy Writing 1 iO 2008


Show/Improv Group
Gayrilla Warfare (head writer/actor) 2009
Road Eagle (founder of improv group) 2009
Eavesdrop (performer/improv show) 2008
Armchair Showcsae (founder/improv group) 2007-2008
This Is Your Lifeā€¦ (performer/producer improv show) 2007


Stand-up: various venues

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