Ludicrous Theatre Company

by Wayne Shaw
(Glendale Heights Il)

Ludicrous Teaches Sunday School

Ludicrous Teaches Sunday School

Ludicrous Theatre Company was formed in 2007. Ludicrous is dedicated to producing the edgiest most controversial works with an eye for message and entertainment.
In it's two short years of existence, Ludicrous has garnered significant popular and critical success.
Exploring the diversity of Human Existence with special emphasis on sexuality, gender and spirituality, Ludicrous sets itself apart from other theatre companies in Chicago by always pushing the envelope....

Recent productions include:

Vampire Lesbians of Sodom
Theodora She Bitch of Byzantium
Radio TBS
The Underpants
Math and Aftermath
Corpus Christi
Lilith: A Rock and Roll Spectacle(opens June 12th)

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