Marie Cisco

by Marie Cisco
(Chicago, IL)

Marie Cisco was born in Atlanta,GA. She is a 3rd year Theatre Arts major at The Theatre School at DePaul University. She has worked on several productions there including, Assistant Directing Ghosts and Bud, Not Buddy. Her passion has been theatre for many years. She believes in the power it holds and the impact it has on us as individuals and a society.

Marie Cisco

Current Address
1224 W Wrightwood
Apt. 1
Chicago IL, 60614 (678) 429-6328/ (770) 483-6174

{Work Experience}
Jan 2009 Voiceover Noel’s Dream Chicago, IL
June 2008-Present Waitress La Canasta Chicago, IL Oct.2007- Present Door Monitor The Theatre School Chicago, IL
June 2008 Intern Jam Theatricals Chicago, IL December 2007 Marketing Intern Alliance Theatre Atlanta, GA
Sep-Nov 2007 Marketing Intern Victory Gardens Chicago, IL
{Production Experience}
Sept.-Nov. 2008 Asst. Director Da turkey and Da Law Chicago, IL
Dec-Jan 2009 Asst. Director Ghosts Chicago, IL
Feb-March 2009 Asst. Director Bud, Not Buddy Chicago, IL

{Educational Experience}
2006-2010 BFA Theatre Arts. The Theatre School at DePaul Chicago, IL
2002-2006 Salem High School Conyers, GA

{Additional Experience}
2007 Presented Marketing Plan for Broadway in Chicago Chicago, IL
2008 Worker for The Theatre School Gala Chicago, IL

Barry Brunetti
bbrunett( at )
(773) 325-7953

Leslie Shook
lshook( at )
(773) 325 7965
Theater Manager

Frank Wukitsch
fwukitsc( at )
(773) 325-7953
Production Manager

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