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Producing a show, whether it be improvised, sketch comedy, or a one-act play is tough work. You spend months of your life building it up, using credit cards to pay for rehearsal space, and begging your friends to attend.

Gorilla Tango Theatre is the Producers' Theatre; we are working with producers to produce shows everyday of the week. If you have a show that you always wanted to produce but were afraid it was too strange/weird/risky/crazy, the GTT Experimental Series will allow you to perform that show, get free rehearsal space, and all the other services GTT offers to all its producers.

Here are the perks:
- Performance space
- Free audition and rehearsal space (12 hours for each performance)
- Online ticketing and box office taken care of
- If your show is approved as part of the Experimental series, you will never owe Gorilla Tango one penny

The Expermental series runs Monday and Tuesday weeknight slots at 8 PM and 9:30 PM. There are also plenty of opportunities to produce in slots throughout the week using our standard contract.

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