Shawn Bowers

by Shawn Bowers
(Chicago, IL)

shawnbowers( at )


Shawn Bowers is a writer and actor hailing from far off Kansas, where he graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in film. Shawn has been improvising long and short form for the past five years back in KC and recently moved to Chicago to follow his dream of doing it full time. Chicago credits include But These Are My Dress Clothes and American Backwash at Donny's Skybox, and he's producing and starring in an experimental two-person show based on Craigslist at the Gorilla Tango Theatre this summer. It's called Craigshow. Keep an eye out. He is currently a student at the Second City Conservatory and the iO Training Center and improvises regularly with the best improv group nobody knows yet, the Able Bodied Chaperones. He also just wrote a play about two friends who travel back in time to have revenge sex with each others' moms. Anyone interested?

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180


But These Are My Dress Clothes - Sketch Revue (Various Roles) - Donny's Skybox Theatre

The Able Bodied Chaperones - Improv Ensemble - Flourish Studios

American Backwash - Improv Ensemble - Donny's Skybox Theatre

Those People - Improv Ensemble - The Granada (Lawrence, KS)

Full Frontal Comedy - Improv Ensemble - Full Frontal LLC


Improvisation: The Second City Conservatory (Bina Martin, Jack Bronis, Nicky Margolis), iO Training Center (Lyndsay Hailey, Katie Rich)
Acting: Maureen Davis, Margaret McClatchey, The University of Kansas
Shakespeare: Mindy McCrary

B.G.S. - The University of Kansas (Theatre and Film)

shawnbowers( at )

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