Sylvia Drake

by Sylvia Drake
(Chicago, IL)

Charlie Pierson, Eric Loren and Josh Roberts in

Charlie Pierson, Eric Loren and Josh Roberts in "The New Poetry"

Sylvia Drake recently arrived in Chicago from the west coast, where she had been involved in the theater scenes there as writer, director and techie (and, when seasonally appropriate, working on Democratic campaigns) while slowly migrating closer to Canada over the course of the '00s.

Her works include The New Poetry, a historical tragicomedy of art, sex, politics and swearing that received Reed's Class of '21 Award for exceptional creative achievement; book and lyrics (with Jay Christian) for Votin' Fever!, a new musical comedy adapted from Aristophanes' The Wasps and produced in a workshop to benefit Carry Oregon; and The Fortune Contract, a radio play about the second most successful Elizabethan acting company, written for the BBC's international playwriting competition.

She also champions some things and complains about other things at her blog, .

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