Tariq Balderos

I am thirty-two and I have been a crew member as a PA in several films and shows in L.A. I was also a crew member with Stu Segall Studios in San Diego (Veronica Mars, Fashion House). And, I have been a grip with two indie films while attending Columbia College Chicago, 1997-98. But mostly, I was a 'paid actor' for the better part of the past decade, I am proud to say. As far as theatre is concerned, I have been a 'stagehand' during my time at both, Columbia Chicago and The University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff. In fact, you can say that theatre was my starting point...either that or hip hop rapping.(shrug) I also had a few brief stints in 'Tinseltown' playhouses in West Hollywood and Los Feliz.

I love show business and was immersed in the culture for the better part of the past fifteen years.

I returned to Chicago in the summer of '07.

I do not have a resume regarding the arts, any longer, but I am certain that I am qualified to handle most tasks involved with 'crew'. While I still write screenplays, I have largely 'retired' from the business, but I saw your posting and thought you 'guys' might be a good place to reset.

If there is a place for an experienced and yet humble and hard-working person, I am your guy. I can be reached at the following; 773-613-6945, 773-647-0822 or tariqbiz89( at )yahoo.com.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to your reply...by the way I am sorry for using "I" so much in this email.

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