Tim Krueger

by Tim Krueger

Tim Krueger

Tim Krueger

Tim has called the Rogers Park neighborhood in Chicago home for fourteen years. When he isn’t acting on a movie set, television commercial or stage, you might find him teaching windsurfing lessons at the Northwestern University Sailing center.

After playing Charlie Brown in a grade school play at St. Hilary’s grammar school in Chicago in the 1960s, he decided to take a 3-decade hiatus.
Now in his 7th year studying acting under Ted Sarantos at Sarantos Studios, Tim is making up for lost time.

You’ve seen Tim as part of a gifted ensemble cast if you’ve enjoyed a dinner murder mystery at Ann Sathers. Or maybe you took in Animals and Plants at Gorilla Tango theater and wondered who played Buck, the tall guy in his undies.

If you can find a copy of "And the Pursuit of Happiness" (2004) by Firescape Films, you'll see Krueger portraying lead Adam Fastert, the freaky congressman. 2005 Sundance attendees got to see him play the dad in “Divorce Lemonade”, a well-reviewed short film by Justin Hayward. Also in 2005, NY International Film Festival patrons saw Krueger play Tom, the asshole boss in “Caged”, an edgy urban genre feature film by Elliot Porter's N2filmN crew. Krueger was the lead villain in the award winning short film “The Institution” in 2006, where he portrayed both Professor Camden and Parson Green, the psychotic killer. Again the psycho killer, Krueger was lead Tad Marcellus in the stylized short film “No One” in 2007. 2008 Chicago International Film Festival Favorite, "They Can Sleep" featured Tim as the pistol-whipping intruder and lead character. In “Batman: The Dark Night” when the Joker threatens Senator Leahy at knifepoint, Tim's head appears to magically float between them for a brief while. He earned his first SAG waiver working on The Devil Wears Prada in NY.

You can also find Tim on TV where he played Tim McVeigh’s defense lawyer on the History channel, a fire inspector on the Discovery channel, and a detective in "Grave Justice" on TruTV, all products of Chicago based Towers Productions. Krueger has been a stand-in for Vince Vaughn on The Breakup, Goran Visnjic on ER, and John Corbett on Baby on Board. Tim was also a secret service agent in several episodes of the Fox TV show Prison Break. Tim worked opposite Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage (Myth Busters) in an industrial for Insinkerator Corporation during 2008 and we saw him as Lead Detective Tym Burkee in an episode of "Under Cover", which aired Spring 09 on The Discovery Channel.
On the set of "The Homecoming", Max Gail had this to say: "I had a good time working with Tim on this film. He was open, honest, generous, vulnerable and funny.... and tall."

Of his several TV commercials, the most visible is for Legal Helpers where Tim is the iron pumping gym rat who says “bankruptcy will ruin my credit”.

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