by Larry Carpenter

If you are a playwright, lyricist or composer who wants to see your work move from the page to the stage, WeGoCentric wants to help. The mission of WeGoCentric is to assist writers to become entrepreneurs by helping them co-produce/self-produce, co-promote/self-promote and co-publish/self-publish their plays and musicals.

Think of yourself, the playwright part of you, as a business. It might be a small business, but it is a business, nonetheless. Of course you are an artist, too. But for most artists, in order to be fulfilled, your art needs to be exposed to the public.

Think of WeGoCentric as a business-to-business, service-based company, with writers paying fees for the services they desire to achieve those goals.

WeGoCentric applauds the efforts of the many Chicago-based theatre groups who endeavor to promote new work and we look forward to working with them to bring new, talented writers to their stages. But we know that due to time and budgetary constraints, many wonderful works do not receive their opportunity to see the light of day — or night as it may be.

WeGoCentric hopes to become a bridge that will take your play from the page to the stage and lead you closer to a legitimate production of your play or musical.

Visit http://www.wegocentric.com.

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